Broody Bantams on silkie bantam eggs


this is one of our pekin batams, one of which, the smallest buff pekin, not the one shown here, has decided to go broody. Last year she sat tight for almost 2 months despite everything andevery  attempt to get her to give up. In the end she lost condition and had to be excluded from the nest box.

This year we have decided to go with it. and as we have no pekin cockeral, we sourced some mixed white and buff silkie bantam eggs.  (I have always fancied some silkies, just fr the looks) we went for a dozen and came away with 12 silkie bantam eggs from 2 white and 2 golden buff hens run with a golden cock(the resultant chicks should be mixed 50:50 whites and buffs. In addition, we also left with 15 maran eggs and 9 cochin eggs. Try squeezing that lot under one bantam. So the road trip also included a stop for an incubator.

Shes now sitting happy, and still adds a batam egg into the mix daily, which is removed. We have also given the other bantams an alternate nest box as they were also managing to add their eggs to the nest daily. 19 days to go and the rest are in the incubator. Should make the last weekend of the Easter Holidays eventful.

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