Dell Farm chicken runs

The Dell Farm

We have a wide selection of chicken runs and housing options at The Dell Farm. The old barns have a pig house come chicken or turkey coup in one corner. I think this was last used to rear turkeys by the benches and perches we found in it, but it has not been used for many years. The door does have a chicken hatch and gives access to both the dell and the old pig sty.

The Dell is to the side of the large barn and runs in a large triangle down to the farm boundary. This is a great area for poultry, with dapled shade in summer the Dell covers and area of almost half an acre. At the bottom is a natural pond, presently not very big, probably only 20 by 20 feet and full of foul smelling black sludge and little over 6 inches of water, but this gives us a great opportunity and it should be fantastic for ducks and geese after a make-overĀ  with a mini digger this autumn. (we are not going to tackly it this spring or summer as it is currently teaming with frogs and toads) not sure if the water will last long enough to see the tadpoles making it out, Norfolk is so dry this year)

The Farm is named after the Dell, and at this time of year it is not hard to see why. Drifts of snow drops laced with aconites are giving way to blue and white dog toothed violets, cyclamen, hyacinths, dafodils and scented narcisii. Banks of bluebells are to follow and there are drifts of wild garlic and primula. Lots of nettles will need our attention this year. We dont expect to spray as we want to run poutry in this area. The top section is fenced to allow a smaller run. We really do not want to over stock this area as we want to reatin it as a flower filled dell, with a sprinkling of beautiful poultry going about their business as only chickens can.

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