The best feed for chickens

trio of bantams

Feeding your chickens is extremely important. If you feed your chickens too little they will simply get hungry, but if you feed them to much they will get fat and you willl attract rodents to your pen and rodents carry all different types of deseases which could be harmful to your chicks. It’s also very important which sort of food you feed your hens as different  types of food result in different results ,for example if you feed your chickens layers pellets you would have probally noticed that the shells are quite thick compared to if you were feeding them corn allthough I’ve noticed that chickens prefer corn to layers pellets due to the taste. When ever I feed my hens the pellets there are always a fare amount left over for the wild birds and rodents to feast on ,but there is a way to make your chickens enjoy their food  and still have strong and healthy eggs. Simply mix a small bag of grit in with your normal bags of corn this way the chickens will eat the corn along with the grit ,the grit is good for your hens as it provides there shells with a hard and healthy shell this should work unless you have spoilt chickens like mine who are use to the glorious taste of cuscous and bread with a side order of chips.

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