Silkie bantam hatch rates poor and delayed

Starting with 12 silkie bantam eggs we were down to 9 by candling at day 10, one further failed to develop and was removed before the hatch, but a disapointing 4 eggs hatched and only 3 chicks survived the first 48hrs, one not making it out of the shell

Not a great hatch rate from 9 definately fertile eggs. I suspect the problem could be down to the eggs being in the same incubator as our maran eggs which, although started at identical times, hatched 48 hrs ahead of the silkies, resulting in the incubator having to be opened during the critical hatching period.

I cant explain the delay in hatching, all the advice suggested bantam eggs may be the first to hatch, sometimes from only 19 days incubation, but this seemed to be reversed for us with the 3 surviving silkies hatching on day 23

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